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Learner drivers

Gain experience, prepare for your driving test.

Become a confident and safe driver.

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Auto & Manual Cars

Start in our automatic car, will get you driving quicker and then you can convert to manual at a later stage the choice is yours



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Highway & Night Lessons

Part of your logbook is 20 hours of night driving. Book a night drive today! Why not get some extra experience driving on our Highways. It’s all about being safe and never taking shortcuts.

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Driving tests

Book a test package which includes pick-up and use of our cars. In addition, should you wish to use your own vehicle, no problem, however some conditions may apply check with me if in doubt.

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Arm Driver Training in Glen Innes will provide the skills required to be a safe and confident driver. We offer a range of driving lessons to suit your needs and can tailor a package if you need to enhance your skills.

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Ready for driving lessons?

Arm Driver Training in Glen innes will give learner drivers the best driving skill to pass your test.

Learner drivers

Gain experience, prepare for your driving test and complete log book hours.

International conversions

Convert your licence or simply build your confidence on Australian roads.

Learn in our car or Yours

You can use your instructors car or alternately use your own vehicle as long as it complies to the requirements of RMS and is comprehensively insured


Driving tests

Book a test package which includes pick-up, a pre-test lesson, use of a car & drop off.

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

Who is this course for?

A Heavy Rigid (HR) licence is a legal requirement for any person who wishes to drive a rigid truck with three (3) or more axles.

What's the first step?

The very first step in upgrading your licence is to do the knowledge test at RMS/Services NSW. To get you started we can send an email with some helpful links for that part of the process – fill in the form linked below and we’ll do the rest.

About the Licence

A heavy rigid vehicle has three or more axles. Holders of a HR licence may also tow a trailer with a weight not exceeding nine (9) tonnes.


About the Training

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment is run by Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority – RTA) accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with heavy vehicle licensed driving instructors

Need More Information on HR Licence

Contact us today and we can get you started on your HR licence


Arm Driving Training Frequently Asked Questions

Driver Knowledge Test

The DKT is a computer-based road rules knowledge test. You have to answer 45 questions. You’ll have to pay a test fee each time you attempt the test. You have to answer 45 questions.

There are two parts to the test, 15 general knowledge questions and 30 road safety questions. You should read each question carefully before answering as there’s no time limit to complete the test.

Take the Test:

Can I book my driver knowledge test online?
What are the current NSW road safety rules?

The RMS website and Centre for Road Safety provide an extensive overview of all Road Rules and other helpful stats and information regarding safety on NSW roads.

Check out the links below:

RMS Road Rules:

Centre for Road Safety:

What is the minimum age required to apply for a driver licence in Australia

You must be at least 17 years old before you can apply for a driver licence (Car class C) in Australia.

You must complete 120 hours of driving with at least 20 hours being night driving.

If you are over 25 years old a log book is not required.

Do you advise to learn both automatic and manual?

It would be best to learn automatic to begin with. Once you are confident negotiating traffic skills, then, if you wish to continue in a manual we would be happy to train up in a manual. Drivers who have manual skills by all means stay with a manual.

How Does The Demerit Point System Work

The Demerit Point Scheme allocates penalty points for various offences. A certain amount of demerit points can lead to suspension of your driver licence.

Click here for more detailed information:

How long will it take to get my driver licence?

That totally depends on your skills, learning abilities and consistency with driving.  We will responsibly advise whether your are ready for the test however the decision is ultimately yours.

Do you provide a car for the practical driving test?

Yes, we do provide a test car at a reasonable rate. We also pick you up an hour beforehand, so you are confident and comfortable for a test.

Do you offer lessons on weekends?

Yes we do take bookings on weekends however, weekends are probably our busiest times so we advise you book a few days ahead.

Do you offer 3-offer-1 driving lesson so I can get three hours towards my log book?

Yes, We offer 3-for-1 driving lessons up to the regulated 10 hours. Please note that if you have used another qualified driving instructor and you have claimed a 3 for 1 then this is also included in the 10 hours.